Disappointing Erotica

His warm tongue traced around her navel before heading south to flirt with the thin lace of her panties. She bit her lip. This was the moment she had been waiting for since she first laid eyes on Carlos at the hotel pool. She moaned with anticipation, running her hands through his dark hair before asking him to leave. She had to get to the airport by six in the morning and found fatigue unbearable.

And now here she was, standing before a total stranger as he ran his hands up her legs and toward her inner thighs. It was beyond exhilarating. Her heart was in danger of bursting. She began to sweat and tremble. Her lip quivered. Would he discover her explosives-laced underwear? Because Allah would be pissed.

Lucas slowly caressed her breasts, which is what he called her two cats because he was terribly educated.

“Oh my God!” panted Jamie, “Oh my God! Oh. My. God!”
She gasped for air. Never before had she felt such incredible


, overwhelming pleasure. Her hands clenched the arms of the recliner as she gave herself unto the Lord, thrilled that she had stumbled upon Pat Robertson’s 700 Club as opposed to that crap with people selling antiques.

His back arched, his eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a moan of sheer pleasure. The acting teacher, who used to be on a huge sitcom back in the 70s, said it was very convincing.

With raw fury, Brenda tore Vick’s shirt open and ran her hands over his muscular, olive skin. He kissed her violently – twelve years of pent-up passion unleashing itself that very moment. She loosened his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and lifted her skirt. Only the judge’s gavel could make them realize they were violating courtroom protocol.