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Rachael Ray Accepts Your Offer


Don't you have something to sell? Download Rachael Ray's Endorsement Contract.

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Excellent. Not quite the same level of glee-inducing as Your New Monkey, mind you, but nice attention to detail ("salmon skin", e.g.) Please keep them coming.

Spelled it wrong..its Rachael Ray

[ Damned Latvian fact-checkers. -B. ]

Add: Pepto Bismol?

FDA? Will Rachel Ray endorse the FDA?

Ritalin-laced fish sticks.

When you make your Bobby Flay version, don't forget to mention that "no matter how dull the concept or obscure the network, Bobby would be thrilled to appear on your show."

Don't you think she would just go with a stamp?


Haha, awesome. Love it!!

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