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Book Report: Writing Am Hard!

Apologies for the brief absence. In the interest of maximizing my productivity and meeting my deadline with HarperCollins – the kind folks who bought the book I am contractually obligated to deliver this month – I locked myself in a house with no other humans, no internet and no TV for nearly two weeks. During that time I wrote quite a lot and learned many things:
-It is scary being in a house by yourself. In New York City I have a doorman and one point of entry. In a house there is no doorman, multiple points of entry, and me sleeping with a bread knife.
-It is nice being in a house by yourself when not focused on the fact you’re in a house by yourself.
-When I am in a house by myself working on the book I’m contractually obligated to deliver to the publisher in two weeks, I don’t shave and I walk around thinking out loud. This might mean I’m crazy.
-Being without internet for nearly two weeks made me realize how addicted I was to the acquisition of unimportant information. Not being able to get instant answers to questions like “What happened to Wham’s Andrew Ridgely?” means more time spent being productive.


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