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Grammar Cop: Are You That Lazy, Boy?


Defendant: Natural Furniture Liquidators, Brooklyn, NY.

Count 1: Failure to correctly spell the name of the street on which your business is located.

Count 2: Failure to spell an address correctly within 100 yards of a street sign.

Count 3: Rendering a spelling error permanent by affixing it to a sign and/or awning.

Count 4: Exposure of spelling deficiency on a public thoroughfare.

Count 5: Repeated failure to notice.

Report: Officer Wolchek of the Brooklyn Grammatical Minutemen witnessed the infraction near the corner of Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. The crime took place in an area currently being considered for taxpayer-funded private development/property seizure - presumably under the pretense of clearing up grammatical blight.

Fine: $238. Fine to be waived if defendant suffers eminent domain abuse at the hands of Brooklyn officials.

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I used to live near that neighborhood. To be honest, it's not surprising at all. Hillarious, in a pathetic sort of way. But not at all surprising.

It's both sad and scary.... In a funny sorta way.

You know what it really is, don't you? The sign writer took forever. It took him ten weeks to finish the sign. The shop-owner was in despair. The new sign was finally up when the owner noticed it was wrong; he told the sign writer to fix it; the sign writer got pissed off; the owner took the opportunity to stiff the sign writer for half the bill, promising himself to fix it later, and consoling himself that the jerks around here would never notice, anyway. Then along came this smartass Grammar Cop. And he realises he's actually getting web exposure now, so there's no way he's changing it. In fact, he's already planning a more outrageous set of mistakes for his next establishment.

Perhaps that is how they spell Pasific back on the Atlantic. I live in a town named (and spelled) Holladay. Maybe they are Pacific bigots and this is there small protest. in the similar fashion that easterners come out West and pronounce it "OREGONE" instead of "OREGUN"... or "NEVAWDA" when it should be pronounced "NEVADA".

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