What to Expect at Your Job Interview with Business Insider

A lot of people want to work for Business Insider because it’s their dream to write countless articles about working for Google. With that in mind, here are some of the questions you may be asked when interviewing for a job at Business Insider.

Hi, [your name] how are you?

This is not a trick question, it’s just the interviewer’s way of making conversation to help you feel comfortable before they begin determining if you’d be good at writing about working for Google.

If we hire you, do you promise to write weekly articles about working for Google?

Business Insider readers have come to expect that 4 in 7 of the articles will be about working for Google. The interviewer is merely trying to ascertain if your addition to the company will help them maintain that level of productivity.

Imagine you are writing your twentieth post about working for Google. Give an example of a headline you would write to suggest that this post about working for Google is different from all the other posts about working for Google.

The interviewer wants to see how creative you are when it comes to getting readers interested in what is essentially just another article about working for Google. A good answer might be a headline like “Here’s what it’s like to work for Google” unless you used that headline in yesterday’s article about working for Google.

Imagine I tell you the same bedtime story for ten years. At some point would you ask me to tell you a different story?

This is a trick question. The natural response for most people would probably be “Yes.” However


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, in this case it’s allegorical. By “bedtime story” they actually mean “article about working for Google” which is the core of the Business Insider publishing model. Therefore the correct answer then is a resounding “No, never!”

You’re seated at a wobbly desk. On the desk is your laptop. The wobbling desk is distracting you from your task of writing another article about working for Google. What do you do?

This question is designed to test your problem solving skills. There is technically more than one “right” answer as long as your solution allows you to continue writing another article about working for Google.