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Playmobil Re-Enactments: Octomessy

“The grandmother of the California octuplets calls her daughter Nadya Suleman’s decision to impregnate herself again after giving birth to six children ‘really unconscionable’ and says the 33-year-old single mother has ‘no means to support’ 14 children.” [ABC News]


Defendant: Unidentified driver who thinks you drive too fast. Count 1: Misspelling in the first degree. Count 2: Rendering grammatical malfeasance permanent via adhesive sticker. Count 3: Operating an automobile while grammatically impaired. Report: Officer Detmer of the Missouri …


This site's Playmobil Re-Enactments feature (and my book) gets a mention in a New York Times piece by Andrew Adam Newman, who is now my most favorite journalist in the whole wide world. …