Well, there’s Gawker of course, to which I owe countless thousands of visits, and Gawker siblings Defamer, Fleshbot and Wonkette which have all provided much-coveted counter hits. McSweeney’s has been a boon, providing me with plenty of exposure as well as several writing assignments – which writers are often fond of.

I’ve never met Daniel Radosh, but we like each other’s work and I’d be a fool to not be thankful.

I also have to thank my earliest memorable blogfans, Mukiwa.



Blogger Choire Sicha invited me to a gathering of blogistes at SoHo House – shortly before he was not allowed in anymore. There I enjoyed free beer courtesy of blog Czar Nick Denton, had a nice chat with Remy at New Yorkish and Eric, a.k.a. the Young Curmudgeon. I didn’t get a chance to talk with Eurotrash, but she has an accent I can vouch is authentic. And I had a long conversation with Ellen of Standard Deviance.



Reason’s Hit & Run, for political commentary. Dumb Celebs for info on dumb celebs. The Korean Central News Agency provides news from the totalitarian state’s Orwellian mouthpiece – and it’s unintentionally hilarious when it’s not terrifying. Neal Boortz is a good but not well-proofread blog by an Atlanta-based Libertarian curmudgeon talk-show host. MEMRI translates news articles from Arabic, so you can learn how progressive Middle Eastern culture isn’t. The Alternative Dictionary is swell if you’d like to swear horribly in a foreign language.