Excerpts from Almost Wise

ALMOST WISE: My Four Years Not Being Inducted Into The Trevisani Crime Family
Later that week I was summoned to a meeting with Louis “Chops” De Luca. It was there I learned that I would soon not be inducted into the mob.
Endrizzi disappeared for good soon after – presumably whacked by his own crew on orders from Napolitano. Of course I wouldn’t know as I was never inducted into the mob, but that’s what I heard from Benito “My Barber” Fanucci.
I knew being in the mob takes its toll on a marriage, but since I hadn’t been inducted I began to wonder if maybe she was just tired of me.
Every Thursday they’d gather in the back of Alberto’s for a grand dinner and meeting. There, one could bring up any grievances he wanted to have addressed. I intended to bring up the fact that I hadn’t been inducted into the mob, but I wasn’t in the mob so I wasn’t invited to Alberto’s for a grand dinner and meeting.
With the flood of arrests and prosecutions I began to consider going underground until things cooled off. Then I remembered that I had not been inducted into the mob, and continued sweeping.
It had been only three years since I was not inducted into the mob, so Gotti most likely did not perceive me as a threat. I was still safe.
It’s all about being respected, feared, connected. To stroll into a joint and have folks eager to make you happy, to want you to like them – that’s what it’s all about. So I hear.
If Tony Buccho had one passion in his life it was The Sopranos – the fictional show about the real mob that I had not been inducted into.
He looked me straight in the eye and welcomed me to their “family.” I was immediately inducted into a booth and honored with unlimited refills of bread and salad.