eBay: Disastrous SAG/AFTRA Strike 2000 Pin


You are bidding on a SAG/AFTRA Strike 2000 pin, a very historical piece which celebrates both the profession of acting and organized labor’s ability to implode.

This pin brings you back to a time when the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists stopped fighting each other in order to unite and not-so-swiftly deal themselves a crushing blow.

What says we mean business better than decimating your income and sending production to Canada forever? Nothing, aside from blowing yourself up in a forest.

Now you can know what it was like to be on a union picket line with Treat Williams and Richard Dreyfuss chanting: What do we want? We’re not exactly sure! When do we want it? No idea.

Some questions answered:

Was the strike a success?

In the sense that Hitler invading Poland was a success: It started off really strong but dragged on forever and ultimately ended with management shooting themselves in the head.

What was the strike about?

The strike was about showing how actors mean business when it comes to getting their demands met.

Did they get their demands met?

No, unless they demanded that their incomes be reduced to zero and all production move up to Canada – never to return – in which case mission accomplished.

Why did all the production move up to Canada?

Because Canadians look just like Americans but don’t ask for as much money. And they’re quieter on the set.

What happened to American actors?

They’re still around, but they’re now called house painters or baggage handlers.

Will wearing this pin make me a member of SAG or AFTRA?

No, but you can pretend to be a member – and since acting is pretending, you could be well on your way to getting your SAG card.

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