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The Understandable Slim Shady


Back in the days when dot-com companies could get $60 million in venture capital with an inane idea, this topped the charts and made a few thousand bucks – until pulled it for not being licensed. I eventually obtained the license to use Eminem’s lyrics but sadly it never re-obtained the momentum. Then, and all the other dot-coms, went bust.


With preggos Gwyneth and Courtney Cox due soon and Heidi Klum knocked up by disinterested 50-something Italian playboy Flavio Briatore, we thought we had a full plate when it came to hot summer news... but …


INTRODUCTION The M-7 Multi-Function Combat Shovel is currently the most technologically advanced assault & digging tool available to the modern American soldier. The M-7 combines elements of stealth design and portability as well as ease-of-use and …