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The 2006 Photo(shop) Journalism Awards


Israeli helicopters converge on a group of happy children having a wonderful day and minding their business. (Adnan Hajj for Reuters)


An Israeli tank fires on a clearly marked, helpless baby transport plane as it takes off from Beirut’s Hummus International Airport. (Adnan Hajj for Reuters)


Pita-hating Zionists laugh at comedian Gallagher after he goes melon crazy in Tyre and destoys an apartment building. (Adnan Hajj for Reuters)


Arrive at Marquee and coast past doorman on the coattails of a buddy from Fox & Friends - eager to celebrate the 100th episode of a show I'm not familiar with. Large-breasted nymph lets door close …


I learned something new today when the guest before me, a former FBI agent, came to the studio with his own IFP (earpiece). I wondered why he would bother. Then I realized that the IFP …