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Grammar Cop: Hi, Definition

Defendant: WCBS-TV 2 HD, New York
Count 1: Misdemeanor spelling of a homonym.
Count 2: Grammatical malfeasance committed in the course of a story related to education.
Count 3: Broadcasting indecent spelling on public airwaves.
Report: Officer witnessed the crime during the evening broadcast of the news. Thanks to advancements in modern technology (i.e.: TiVo) the officer was able to pause and photograph the crime mere seconds after it was committed.
Fine: $310 and Homonym Sensitivity Training.


The morning show tryouts were loads of fun. The station has a very advanced coffee-making machine that helped ease the pain of being up from 1-4am. Monday and Tuesday morning I did the show with Mike …


Children: as byproduct of coitus with twits, 49, 121, 208 driving with while unrestrained, 54, 100 losing custody of to a dunce, 210 making of, 48, 191 nearly throwing across parking lot, 87 Comeback: planning of, 210-211 unfortunate debacle of, 218 Crotch: as sales device, …