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Grammar Cop: Oh Vacancy

OBH Oxford.jpg
Defendant: Old Black Horse Inn, Oxford, United Kingdom.
Count 1: Multiple incidents of general grammatical malfeasance.
Count 2: Conflicting spellings within a 100 foot radius.
Count 3: Rendering and mounting of grammatically deficient signage.
Report: It should be noted that this photograph only captures a few of the multiple incidents of the transgression that adorn the premises, as captured by Officer Pearce of Her Majesty’s Grammatical Constabulary. It is Officer Pearce’s wish that the court take into account the fact that these crimes take place in Oxford, England – home of one of the world’s most prestigious seats of learning and its oldest English-speaking university. The court should also note that the defendant’s awareness of the crimes being committed is evidenced by the corrective and stylish “stacked M” on the street-level sign.
Fine: £350 and free accommodation.


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