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Yelp Review: Children’s Museum of Science and Technology

I can’t remember who told me to come here but they’re dead to me now.

The museum features a slapdash collection of things, several of which are out of commission.

A bell. Kids can ring a bell. The bell is next to a snake. I felt bad for the snake because every five seconds some kid was ringing a bell next to its head.

Some fish.

A television “green screen” which allows kids to see themselves superimposed over a video of weather. You can do this with iChat without having to leave your home.

Some mirrors.

A display on solar energy. And one on wind energy.

Some animals confined in small cages, living out their lives under fluorescent lights and the gaze of children.

Some computers with educational games, like the computer with educational games you have at home.

A planetarium show that costs extra, even though you paid $15 for your two kids to see the above.

Within minutes the kids were ready to go. My 5 year-old called it “the boringest museum.” Not the best English, but you get the idea.



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