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Webgems: Flu Vaccanations [sic] Will Enslave Us All

On the internet everyone is an absolute, total expert on legal affairs, military strategy, diplomacy, history, science and medicine.
I attempt to avoid their expertise when at all possible, but every once in a while an individual will capture my attention. It might be a carefully nuanced opinion, a clever retort, an all-caps tirade. Or it might just be some guy who’d be flummoxed by a light switch yet finds himself on the internet because the computer companies succeeded in making it so freaking easy to do.
Behold, the real truth about the H1N1 vaccine, courtesy William B. on Facebook:

its all a fraud,soon there will be forced vaccanations,detentions of the people who do not comply,and matrial law emposed / civil war!you have to understand..big pharma,who has been makeing this vaccs,for over 3 years now, way before the 1st case was reported to the c.d.c will not stand by and let some people slip its all about the money..and the govt,showing the people,that through problem,crises,solution,you need & want govt run healthcare.. its for you own good..

You have been whorned.


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