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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Quakers

The award-winning Rainbow Six franchise returns, with Quakers.
Summary: It’s 2010. When war breaks out in South America, an elite team recruited from the Religious Society of Friends finds themselves headed for a non-violent confrontation with the enemy, in accordance with their conscientious objector status.
Intense Gameplay
You control the Rainbow Six: Quakers team through numerous scenarios like Seek & Leave, Intense Negotiation and Boisterous Gathering.
Linear & Non-Linear Play
Follow the inaction-packed storyline or do your own thing. A vast gameplay environment lets you find adventure tending beets or exchanging pleasantries with strangers.
Modern Arsenal
Command a squad of Quakers equipped with state-of-the-art military weaponry they refuse to use, including the SAW Machine Gun, AR215 Death Hammer and Sticky Grenades.
Multiplayer Discussion
Rainbow Six: Quakers features online multi-player that lets you and the opposing team talk it out in a variety of highly-detailed maps like Village Café, Modern Boardroom and Comfy Mattress.
Realistic Sounds
Dolby Surround Sound will make you feel like you’re off the battlefield and in a mass of shrubs.



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