From New York, original humor writing & commentary by Brian Sack. Subject to all the flexible quality standards of internet self-publishing.


Nipplegate: The Index

Janet Jackson’s Boob, 225-317
       absurd denials:
          CBS not knowing, 244-246
          M-TV not knowing, 244-246
          wardrobe malfunction, 245
       controversy surrounding exposure to:
          8th-grader reaction, 228
          bizarre starfish clamped to nipple, 258
          blatant Madonna/Britney PR rip-off, 253
          coincidence of upcoming album release, 261
          comparison of Nelly’s crotch-grabbing, 252
          FCC fines regarding the uncovering of, 309-311
          jokes about, 247, 249, 302-307
          lowering the culture bar, 257
          M-TV’s slow erosion of all things decent, 282-290
          mainstream America’s disgust at, 229-233
          Pope’s condemnation, 290, 299
          puritanical fervor, 269
          relation to decline of civilization, 256-257
          tastelessness, 225
       explaining to children:
          Justin is mean, 312
          the lady needed to release some hot air, 312-313
          the lady had a bad daddy make her crazy, 312, 314
       phrases coined:
          Boobiegate, 279
          Nipplegate, 279
          superbowls, 278, 279
          Titskrieg, 280
       stock market reaction
          dow jones rising, 308-309
          NASDAQ falling, 309
       ways of rationalizing:
          Allah’s will, 298
          desperate for publicity, 299-301
          child molester’s sister wants spotlight, 299
          choreographer’s joke gone awry, 301
          Justin Timberlake horny, 300


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