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Johnny Berlin on the Documentary Channel

Johnny Berlin will be airing this evening at 8pm on the Documentary Channel. The Documentary Channel is a channel that carries documentaries.
The film was directed by Dominic DeJoseph; executive-produced by Michael Stipe and Jim McKay; produced by Ted Green, and me. Stipe acquired fame and fortune by shouting non sequiturs at a rapid-fire pace. He could wear a paisley top hat to brunch without anyone really noticing.
The film will also air Sunday 6/24 at 8p and Wednesday 6/27 at 7p. It’s currently carried on these cable and satellite systems.


[Male, 30's.] Damn. Ranch dressing was a mistake. When's the last time I enjoyed Ranch? Never. Never is when. Always a letdown. Like when I killed that farmer with a birch log. Give me a break. …


Defendant: Belle Fleur, New York City. Count 1: Misdemeanor spelling of a not-unfamiliar thoroughfare. Count 2: Rendering grammatical indecency permanent with painted and/or adhesive letters. Count 3: Exposing grammatical indecency to the public via automobile. Report: Officer was patrolling …