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Reporting From the World’s Flashpoints

As a journalist, I have to be prepared to go wherever the story is. Unless the story is in Somalia. I’m definitely not going there.
When the Glenn Beck show said they were sending me to Fort Wayne, Indiana I didn’t bat an eyelid or fear for my life – the story is more important. I simply asked them where Fort Wayne was and started walking. Fortunately they sent a car to pick me up and take me to plane place, where the giant flying birds are. I walked into the flying bird belly and a few hours later found myself in Fort Wayne.

I was tasked with researching Glenn’s roots and spent a lot of time trying to see if he was a little Frenchish.


Defendant: Rodeo Flooring. Mustang, Oklahoma. Count 1: Negligent spelling, a misdemeanor. Count 2: Rendering error permanent via vinyl heat-transfer process. Count 3: Displaying grammatical malfeasance near a high-traffic venue. Report: Officer Burga of the Central Oklahoma Grammar Task Force …