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Deposition @ Sarasota Film Festival

Boy howdy, The Deposition of Lou Bagetta will be in the line-up at the 2009 Sarasota Film Festival, which takes place March 25 – April 5 in Sarasota, Florida. Because of its ties to circus guy John Ringling, Sarasota has a lot of clown statues – but please don’t let that discourage you from a visit.
Screening time forthcoming.


This site's Playmobil Re-Enactments feature (and my book) gets a mention in a New York Times piece by Andrew Adam Newman, who is now my most favorite journalist in the whole wide world. …


The new season of CNN Headline's Not Just Another Cable News Show starts up this weekend. This screenshot is from the story of the couple who turned those cute little doggies behind me into sweaters. …