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One Week To Book Release / Debt Ceiling Debacle

This is my book. It comes out August 2nd. It is a nonpartisan look at politics in the U.S.A. – hence the title. In fact, it’s kind of ironic that it releases on the same day Washington politicians plan on imploding the country for the sake of partisan politics. Woo! You can pre-order it on…

A Primer In Politics For The Incredibly Disenchanted

Alas, I’m afraid my blog is more neglected than one of Charlie Sheen’s children. There are several reasons. Babies, busy, ran out of funny. One of the bigger reasons for this extended neglect has been that I’ve been working on another book. The final edits are on their way to the publisher, Simon & Schuster….

Reading at KGB

Tonight I will be reading at KGB, an East Village bar named after Russia’s hilarious secret security apparatus. My last reading here was for In the Event of My Untimely Demise, and it was a heck of a lot of fun. I will be reading a chapter from my new book which is a non-partisan…

A Tour Of Glenn Beck’s Office

This is a tour I did of the offices of Glenn Beck. He is the most loved man in the pundit business. He does not have a single detractor – which is amazing considering his enormous reach and outspokenness.

Deposition at the Durango Independent Film Festival

Do you live in beautiful Durango, Colorado? Are you going to the Durango Independent Film Festival this weekend? OH MY GOD! That’s completely awesome because my short, swear-laden, kind of violent mob comedy The Deposition of Lou Bagetta will be screening there this Friday and Saturday. The Durango Telegraph’s Willie Krischke declared Deposition “my favorite…

Must Be A Good Casting Director

A “breakdown” is industry parlance for a list of the characters in a script that a casting director is looking to cast. Actors and their agents read the character descriptions in a breakdown to see if there are any roles they should audition for. Breakdowns can range in size from one sentence to a whole…

Deposition at Connecticut Film Festival this Saturday

The Deposition of Lou Bagetta, the short film I made that I won’t stop talking about much to your annoyance, is screening this weekend at the Connecticut Film Festival. The film is traveling the country screening at festivals now as part of the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival’s Best of Fest program. It’s on this…

Deposition in the LACSFF “Best of Fest” Tour

My short film The Deposition of Lou Bagetta will be making the film festival rounds again as part of the LA Comedy Shorts “Best of Fest” program. They’re touring festivals showing off favorites from the 2009 festival, and Deposition is one of them. Ultimately I’d like to release the film on iTunes or Amazon as…

My Swear-Laden, Violent Mob Comedy Is Busy

The Canadian premiere of Deposition took place on Thursday, July 23rd at the Just For Laughs film festival, which is part of the enormous Just For Laughs comedy festival. Montréal goes absolutely nuts for this festival, which features comedy acts from around the world – meaning the US, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia. No offense…

Common Sense Man-On-The-Street Interviews

For this, we wandered around Bryant Park with a tiny camera and a karaoke microphone, giving us a nice “public access” feel. We figured Bryant Park was a good place because you’d get a mix of folks as opposed to Washington Square Park where everyone has dreadlocks and pierced genitals. Because I am shy we…

Deposition at Dances With Films, Los Angeles

My violent, swear-laden mafia comedy screens Sunday, June 7th at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 movie theater in Los Angeles. It appears in Competition Block 4 as part of the Dances With Films festival that I am accidentally not at.

In The Event Of My Untimely Demise – Bendable Version

It seems like only a year ago that my book, In the Event of My Untimely Demise, came out in paperback form. But it was about 11 months. On April 28th the paperback will be released. Although the hardcover version will always have a place close to my heart, the paperback is really swell.

Deposition @ San Luis Obispo Film Festival

The Deposition of Lou Bagetta, my film which you will be hearing about for the better part of a year while it does the festival circuit, will screen at the San Louis Obispo (California) Film Festival in a block of shorts called Best of the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

Film Festival Tips

If you find yourself talking to an actress who you’d just seen naked in a screening, try to pretend that you didn’t just see her naked in a screening.

New Season: Not Just Another Cable News Show

The new season of CNN Headline’s Not Just Another Cable News Show starts up this weekend. This screenshot is from the story of the couple who turned those cute little doggies behind me into sweaters. Yes. Sweaters.