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Name Amy’s Book

This is your chance to be in the Acknowledgements page of a book. You can drag your friends to Barnes & Noble, take it of the shelf, open it up, point to your name and say, “That’s me.” It could be the start of a proper book titling career. This could be the recession-proof job you were looking for. Or a lark.

Mass Historia

My friendsticle Chris Regan has a book coming out, Mass Historia: 365 Days of Historical Facts and (Mostly) Fictions. You should rush and pre-order it because it’s bound to be funny (pun intended). He’s got a very highbrow sense of humor which you can discern by checking out his website. Also, I interviewed him here…

Corn Bread & Feta Cheese

Corn Bread and Feta Cheese is my friend Elza Zagreda’s one woman show about growing up fat and Albanian. Although she is no longer fat, she is still hopelessly Albanian.

Regan weds, Zagreda performs, Everitz codes

Congrats to my newly-married friend, former Daily Show writer Chris Regan (profiled here). His wedding reception was at the Friar’s Club where old comedians get stapled to the wall when they pass on. It was a fun time because it was a room full of comedians and comedians are totally well-adjusted people. There was a…