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eBay: Postcards on NPR

From the Didn’t Expect That department: I found myself standing outside in the freezing dark of rural Poland, chatting on my BlackBerry with NPR’s Linda Wertheimer about the Drive Someone Insane with Postcards auction. I’d forgotten how familiar I was with her voice. Back in the days when I had a car I was a…

eBay: Postcard Frenzy

The Drive Someone Insane With Postcards auction got some airtime on Glenn Beck’s radio show yesterday. We chatted briefly about the tiny Polish village I’m going to, and I mentioned the auction’s title, which resulted in a rapid increase in visits to eBay. But not too crazy or anything.
And then he put it in his daily newsletter to his fans, and WHUMP.

My Electric Food Slicer Will Change Your Life

It used to be that if you wanted perfectly sliced meats and cheeses you had to go to a restaurant and pay some “professional” to expertly slice them and assemble them in a nice pattern on a plate for you. Not any more.

eBay: Please Buy My Sweater

It’s white because it’s made with white sheep wool. It’s thick, so it’s great for cold weather or Bikram yoga. If you wear it with a pair of Ray Ban tortoise shell sunglasses you’ll look like Mickey Rourke in “A Prayer For The Dying”, a horrible film.