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Must Be A Good Casting Director

A "breakdown" is industry parlance for a list of the characters in a script that a casting director is looking...Read on...

Not A Doctor But Play One on Glenn Beck - 03-19-09

My favorite part of these things is the automatically generated transcript, which the Fox site warns "may not be 100% accurate." I'd say. More like the ramblings of a guy wandering down the middle of Fifth Avenue.Read on...

Angry Independent Segment - "Polytykes as Usual"

This is my most recent "Angry Independent" segment on Glenn Beck - and actually the last installment of the "Angry Independent" segment on Glenn Beck for now because Glenn's moving the show to Fox in February. I learned this only when somebody emailed me to ask me if I knew Glenn was moving to Fox. That's how out of the loop I am.Read on...

Understanding Your Cable Bill

DVR Service Rental Fee This is the charge for the Scientific Atlanta Digital Video Recorder that crashes every 3-6 months and erases all your programs.Read on...

Johnny Berlin

Please come see Johnny Berlin, a refreshing documentary directed by Dominic DeJoseph, executive produced by Michael Stipe and Jim McKay, and produced by Ted Green and Brian Sack.Read on...

Poland Dispatch: Sign Language Lady

Who's that girl?Read on...

What My Wife Has Learned From Watching The Forensic Files

How it could happen.Read on...

Idol Judges In The Off-Season

The judges weigh in on Canada, Hitler, and crackers.Read on...

Elisabeth Kubler Ross Watching The Sopranos

On Death and Dying On HBORead on...

The Apprentice, M.E.

"In retrospect, I should not have assumed in any way that your ability to win a song and dance competition, rodeo, obstacle course and home redecoration challenge would in any way be proof that you had talents, or indeed training, as a medical examiner."Read on...

Green Lit: Hollywood's Upcoming Pilots

A look at Hollywood's promising TV pilots currently in production.Read on...

Now Hiring At Showtime

Showtime needs help, sooner or later.Read on...

Memo Re: "The Reagans"

Selected items from the Moonves Memo regarding the reasons behind CBS cancelling "The Reagans": 'Kill 'em all and let God...Read on...

I Am A Corrupt Catholic Priest

In an ongoing effort to further tarnish the Catholic church, I appeared on ABC's All My Children as a...Read on...

Oddly popular amongst legal professionals.




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