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Yelp: Perilla

Boy howdy. I was chosen for another Review of the Day listing on Yelp, this time for a review of...Read on...

Book: Struwwelpeter (Shock-Headed Peter)

A little over 150 years ago a German father decided that there were no good books to read to...Read on...

Review: Hamlet in the 24-hour Bodega

I approached the Papaya King Repertory Theatre's production of Hamlet in the New Ha Grocery on the corner of 14th Street and Seventh Avenue with the same sense of trepidation as I do all takes on the Bard's classic tale. I'm happy to say that my fears were short-lived.Read on...

Review: Prank The Monkey

John Hargrave's "Prank The Monkey"Read on...

The Dog Dialed 911

In keeping with my policy of reviewing relevant books sent to me by publishers: a look at The Dog Dialed 911.Read on...

How Animals Have Sex

When hermaphrodite banana slugs get it on, one of them gets their ten-inch penis eaten - something I'd not known.Read on...

Review: A Book of DVD Reviews

The first Banterist review of many things, assuming PR flacks continue sending them.Read on...

On occasion quite clever.




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