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Noble Experiments

Did You Hear About The Guy Who Took On The Nigerian?

Longtime reader Mick sent me this Vanity Fair piece by Ted Travelstead wherein he takes on a Nigerian email scammer....Read on...

Craigslist experiment: The Trans-gendered Proofreader

Theory: An advertisement soliciting a trans-gendered proofreader will offend someone who has their original genitalia and that person will claim discrimination.Read on...

There's Something About "Mary"

Two months' worth of correspondence tormenting a West African con man.Read on...

The Craigslist Euthanist Theory

Testing a theory about unspeakable job offers.Read on...

A New Nigerian Counter-Con

Taking on Nigerian scammers, one at a time.Read on...

Dr. Abu's Triumphant Re-Return

Further exploits with one of the world's least smart con artists.Read on...

The Cons of November

In the month of November alone, I received 26 solicitations from con-men seeking an 'extremely urgent' form of 'business partnership.'...Read on...

The Return of Dr. Abu

After my initial Nigerian Email Experiment, I had lost contact with my friend Dr. Abu. The duration of the lapse...Read on...

The Next Nigerian Email Experiment

In the intitial Nigerian Email Experiement, I decided to take the scammer up on his offer to wire $35,000,000 to...Read on...

The Nigerian Email Experiment, Part II

Incredibly, my correspondence with the Nigerian scam artist goes on. So far, Dr. Abu has continued relentlessly to press me...Read on...

The Nigerian Email Experiment

The Nigerian email scam is the modern day version of the Nigerian Fax Scam which was once the modern day...Read on...

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