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Fatherhood Dispatch

FAQ: The Back Cover of Shel Silverstein's classic, The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is Shel Silverstein's 1964 classic children's book which has been translated into over 30 languages. In...Read on...

Book: Struwwelpeter (Shock-Headed Peter)

A little over 150 years ago a German father decided that there were no good books to read to...Read on...

Children's Shows I'd Like To See

Captain Reality and the Truthbots Captain Reality travels the planet in his ship The Decoddler with his gang of non-bush-beat-arounding...Read on...

Peanut Hysteria Zone

Fear the legume!Read on...

Crazee Mommy Outfitters

Outfitting germ-phobic and overprotective parents since 1998.Read on...

Me vs. Sesame Place

That prior to incident, plaintiff had a long-term childhood relationship with Sesame Street, fond memories of Sesame Street, and considered Sesame Street a friend and by extension assumed Sesame Place was filled with friendly characters and honest Muppetry.Read on...

How I Spent My Weekend

Welcome, Stasiu, to a lifetime of explaining how to pronounce your name.Read on...

My First Sober Concert

The Wiggles consist of four men: Jeff, Murray, Greg and Anthony. They each have a color and a shtick: Jeff wears purple and is narcoleptic. Murray wears red and plays guitar. Greg wears yellow and likes to do magic tricks, like a non-gay David Copperfield. Anthony wears blue and overeats healthy things.Read on...

Effects Of Toilet Water On The LG VX-7000 Cellular Phone

This is one in a string of tests of electronic devices conducted by 9-Month Old Scientist, coming right on the heels of the groundbreaking Effects Of A Hardwood Floor On The Logitech Harmony Remote Control, the notable Aerodynamic Properties Of Battery-Operated Devices and the memorable Potential Hazards Of Diaper Cream On Sony Portable CD Players.Read on...

Message Threads From The Negligent Parent Forum

How can I stop my baby from teething? Where’s a good place to learn my kidren? How do u...Read on...

Why the face?

The trauma of pureed vegetables.Read on...

Cats Do Not Like Change

With their preference for routine, it's quite understandable that many cats are troubled by the appearance of new humans in the household. When presented with such dramatic change they react in one of two ways: 1) They hide under the bed or behind furniture, 2) They eat the dramatic change.Read on...

The AMS Sleep Prevention System

The AMS Sleep Prevention System renders your alarm clock, and you, worthless.Read on...

A Gentleman's Guide to Labor & Delivery

Vaginal birth requires a great deal of pushing with accompanying pain. For males to relate, this might be best described as your wife and a chorus of enthusiastic strangers cheerleading you to pee a rhinoceros.Read on...

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