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Frank Decaro Headshot News

Keeping you informed of the current status of the Frank Decaro headshot on the wall of Quiznos #4286 on 14th Street. Read on...

Fourteen Minutes at the Best Week Ever Party

Marquee's excellent design has anyone entering the club immediately fighting through everyone waiting at the bar. As all of humanity stands before us and a drink, a decision is made to head to the back and go upstairs. Read on...

Wherein Radar Invites Me To Marquee, Which Sucketh

The Marquee scene is predominantly Guys Who Chew Gum Whilst Drinking and Women Who Finger-Floss Their Hair. Same as it was the last time I was there. People I wouldn't throw a life-preserver to.Read on...

Travis Bickle On Broadway

How our taxi driver made Saturday night memorable.Read on...

Poland Dispatch: New Year's Eve In The Village

Celebrating Sylvester, way out here.Read on...

A Gentleman's Guide to Labor & Delivery

Vaginal birth requires a great deal of pushing with accompanying pain. For males to relate, this might be best described as your wife and a chorus of enthusiastic strangers cheerleading you to pee a rhinoceros.Read on...

Notes From A Playboy Party

Perhaps once a dream come true, but now I'd rather have slept.Read on...

Really Old Gossip

The discovery of an old folder of notes prompts the recollection of a summer spent with celebrities, many moons ago.Read on...

Christmas Party, Cheesecake, Jelly Bean, Boom!

Observations from Michael Stipe's Christmas Party.Read on...

Beauty: Skin Deep and 14 Seconds Long

New York's Fashion Week was last week, which means the city was filled with intolerable models and the people who...Read on...

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