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A Thousand Words

T-Shirts I Don't Need Anymore

T-shirts I no longer have use for.Read on...

Review: The Auto LSD Button

I think this is a great button for a car to have, and I would certainly press it again, but not too much.Read on...

eBay: Playboy. In Braille.

It's Playboy. And it's in Braille.Read on...

Superficial Voter's Guide - NYC 2005

A non-partisan guide for judgemental New York voters.Read on...

Why the face?

The trauma of pureed vegetables.Read on...

France Dispatch: Phrasing Questions Properly

How to make sure you get exactly what you want.Read on...

The Power of Punctuation

Nothing comma between me and momma.Read on...

A Note To The Dentist

An appointment reminder that's scarier than going to the dentist.Read on...

What's Wrong With This Picture?

When life is a little too cheap.Read on...

A Watched Pot

Banterist celebrates our color-coded national alert system.Read on...

Saints George

I stand corrected, I guess it was a crusade after all....Read on...


On Election Day last week, I opined that we might be a little too accommodating of folks who didn't...Read on...

Banterist Personals

Read on...

Unfunny in Farsi, hilarious in Dutch.




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