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The Trailer for the Book

This is the trailer for my new book. You didn't used to have to do trailers for books, but then something called the Internet came and completely changed publishing. So now books have trailers like movies do. I don't know why. I don't make the rules.

The book is available at bookstores. Hopefully at eye-level. It's also available at Amazon like everything is.

As far as the timing of book releases goes, I'd like to thank the Republicans and Democrats for pissing off 88% of the population with this debt ceiling nonsense. You've really made my job easier.

And my job? That would be book promotion. Around the same time the Internet changed publishing, the publishing folks changed the way they do publicity for books by making the authors responsible for most of it.

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I do hope the book is not as highbrow as the video. If it's that classy and packed with as much useful insight, I'll be sorely disappointed.

once again, congrats :)

Congrats! Your "In the Event of My Untimely Demise" is great!

Freaking GREAT book, Brian! Can't wait for your next one!

On a different note, congratulations for bringing a fresh perspective to the, "4th Hour". I love Stu and Pat, but they have become predictable and you and that other guy were a nice change of pace and VERY interesting, funny and informative!

Looking forward to the book, Brian! Can you arrange for someone to throw it at a current/past president at a news conference for some added publicity prior to the launch?

Brian: Your timing is really good but you've lost the fire, the anger in the belly. Get a stable a good writers, those who are unemployed angry and belching with disgust- here's some stuff:
----Funny-----Last time slavery was cool, a DEMOCRAT was in the White House.

When the citizens of the United States finally elected a republican, Abraham Lincoln, the Democrats started a war at Ft. Sumpter.

Democrats like their little, dark friends, running around the yard, picking up scraps and singing and clapping their little hands in rythm, taking drugs and having sex while the sun is shining. I prefer grown-ups, making their own way, thinking their own thoughts, great men, Herman Cain, Allen West, Thomas Sowell.

Democrats prefer little happy little puppet people, Jesse Jackson, dancing Al Sharpeton and prissy Miss Maxine Waters. I can see the 2012 remake of "Gone with the Wind" now:

"I jes' don' no' no mo', Miss Scarlett-Schlutz," sez little Prissy-Waters, "I thinks that the 'publican tea parties can go straight to Hell, Miss Scarlett-Schlutz, straight to Hell and don't let no moss gro' under ya'll's feet!"

Miss Scarlett-Schlutz nods her head toward the white porcelain, Chinese, night soil jar. " I take care dat fo ya. I dump dat right now, " Prissy nods and shuffles demurely.

"An' I'll get 'de water fo' yo' big, two feet now, Miss Scarlett-Schlutz."

I don't think the DailyBeast captured the sarcasm in your statement "to put Jon Stewart out of business."

Or maybe I didn't?

Never made such a statement. -B.

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