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One Week To Book Release / Debt Ceiling Debacle


This is my book. It comes out August 2nd.

It is a nonpartisan look at politics in the U.S.A. - hence the title.

In fact, it's kind of ironic that it releases on the same day Washington politicians plan on imploding the country for the sake of partisan politics. Woo!

You can pre-order it on Amazon. Or get it at Barnes & Noble. And until they went Bankrupt last week, Borders was an option.

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A week? A WEEK??!! What am I going to do between now and then??!!

What if society crumbles between now and then? What if I have to go in my Fallout Shelter WITHOUT YOUR BOOK?!

Ohhhh....this is just a terrible...I'll not make it a whole week!

(Walking away dejectedly....sitting down with a pout to wait for Brian's book to come out.)

Brilliant and astute insights into American politics, temporaneous and hilarious. Thid should be required reading for anyone allowed to vote and anyone running for, or holding, public office. It makes Stewart and Colbert look like amateurs!
Recommend it to your friends.

Brian, this book is incredible. You take a step back from the clusterf*ckery of modern politics and show that everybody is wrong. Everybody who votes should be forced to read this book, I just loved it and i can't wait for the next one.

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