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eBay: Postcards on NPR

From the Didn't Expect That department: I found myself standing outside in the freezing dark of rural Poland, chatting on my BlackBerry with NPR's Linda Wertheimer about the Drive Someone Insane with Postcards auction. I'd forgotten how familiar I was with her voice. Back in the days when I had a car I was a regular NPR listener.

It was a fun interview, and even better - I got to plug my book.

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Lady: "Or someone who doesn't know what NPR is."
Me: Ha ha ha!... That won't be hard.

What's so great about this is that you have yet another example of a typo in a very public forum. Review the NPR player "slide" explaining what you're hearing. Kind of a two-fer for this site. You get to spread the word about your interview AND a possible entry for Grammar Cop. Mistifiy? Does no one use spell check anymore?

It's kind of odd that you're the author, first, of several eBay listings ...and, oh by the way, also a book.

"Mistify" eh? I believe that's the same hooked-on-foniks approach from the famous "mistery shark" scene in "Shark Attack III:Meagalodon." A little too concidental, if you ask me.

Did the Chief of the Grammar Police just use "fun" as an adjective?

[ In my defense, I was several thousand miles out of my own jurisdiction. And very cold. -B. ]

Brian is employing the old German motto: "what goes on in Poland, stays in Poland."

Followed your ebay item and it was hilarious.

You now have several copy cats out there. This one (Item number: 170182854659) stole your idea and your "banter" and should at least give you a plug.

[ Thanks. eBay's been great about taking down these folks. They seem to think if you copy the listing but change "ferret" to "hamster" that it's okay. There was one guy who actually copied the photographs of the postcards too - as if he had them. It's like the Wild West out there. -B. ]

This piece shows its clear liberal bias with digs at consumerism and a branch of the U.S. government.

Brian Sack + on NPR = terrorists have won.

P.S.: Someone who hasn't heard of NPR - hell, we even get it in Salt Lake City! Of course, I believe it's broadcast by some guy driving around in a van, always one step ahead of the FCC.

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