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Grammar Cop: Apostrophe Mugshot Gallery


Officer Cross - Royal Grammaliers, Company C, United Kingdom


Officer Wicker - Indiana Grammatical Vice Unit

Officer Challinor - Canadian Ministry of Corrections

Officer Hitchman - See Something Say Something Unit


Officer Strother, Lowlights PD

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Interesting. How does one come up with both 72.5% and 72.6% out of a sample of 33 people? A difference of 0.1% amounts to a difference of 0.033 votes.

Nice catch there, Nathan. I didn't even notice that. Assuming they didn't just make up numbers, if they actually did a survey, it's possible that they were not yes/no questions. So say you have "Felt hair was stronger: 1 2 3 4 5", where you are to circle one number. Presumably it is possible to get .1% differences when the possible responses are gradiated.

Kinda misleading if they did that, though.

FSM bless you for this one. nothing bugs more more! aaaahhh, i feel the grammar rage abating now....

Yes Paul, they could use gradiated responses to get .1% resolution...if they had each of 33 respondents rate the strength of their hair on a scale of one to thirty. :)

(1/0.03333 ~ 30)

[ Wow, y'all is mathtastic. -B ]

Perhaps it's just me, but isn't that first photo a young(ish) Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her?

There's a second Hoosier who reads this site!?? Because Lake Village, dude! That's big obscure!

I am in France and all the big sales are going on right now. There are a bunch of signs in every store just in case you didn't know about the sales that always happen the same time of year every year (the sales are regulated by the police, it is a long story). One of these signs said "jean's." Although I don't speak French very well, I know that is not how they, or anyone, spells jeans.

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