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14" iBook Paperweight with Memories of a Hard Drive.


Some people might ask what good a 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard is.

Those people lack imagination.

Those are the kind of people who wouldn't buy a car that lacked an engine. They'd forsake a book without pages. They'd probably toss out a perfectly good non-definition TV.

I'm not selling to those people.

I'm selling to the kind of person who wants a 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard. The kind of person who thinks differently.

Apple OS Tiger, the fantastic operating system you won't find on this iBook, is an intuitive and user-friendly operating system you just have to see for yourself some day. Just not on this 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard.

If you've used a Mac before, no doubt you've already fallen in love with Apple's groundbreaking interface. You know why you love Apple and I need say no more - other than the guy at TekServe said this awesome iBook is broken.

If you're a Windows user thinking of converting to Macintosh, this is a rare opportunity I hope you'll take advantage of. For a presumably low price you can be the owner of a 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard. Instantly, you'll be a proud Mac addict who's only a few expensive parts away from unleashing a maelstrom of creativity.

When you have a 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard there are countless things you can't do:

-Create your own weblog to let folks know your opinions on over-fishing, what you did for Lent, or how Tim hurt your feelings.

-Send everyone in your address book an email with 23 blurry shots of baby Tyler eating a grape.

-Write a nine act screenplay where someone who totally resembles you is the hero and gets the girl.

Armed with what was once state-of-the-art technology, the list of things you can't do is limitless. You're only restricted by your own personal creativity, zero storage capacity and whatever the motherboard needed to not die.

This iBook was 600 MHz. It may very well still be. What happens to the MHz when a motherboard departs this world is knowledge I do not possess. It's got an Airport card that would let you connect wirelessly under better circumstances. The battery is actually brand new. The memory that was in it is still in it. Let's say it was 512K. Maybe it's 1GB. Not sure. My mind draws a blank, as does the screen.

The casing has several scratches and flaws, as will happen when you combine an active lifestyle with failure to sheathe electronics. But if you're interested in a 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard, you probably don't care much about outside appearances. You see the bigger picture. Just not on the LCD screen of a 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard.

As the power adapter now resides in rural Poland, this 14" Apple iBook with no hard drive and a faulty motherboard comes with nothing else but a receipt. And my thanks.

Bid Like The Wind

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This would have some appeal to prop suppliers in Hollywood, or for those real estate stylists who make a place look hip and lived in when it's on the market. Or...wait, I know...where do I bid? You're not going to gouge me on shipping and handling, are ya?

oh -- I see the bid link now...and it already has bids. I also see Napolean in the scuffs on the front, and he looks pissed.

Would you accept a lamp with no power cord (or light, lampshade or base for that matter) and a cracked beer mug in trade? These were the objects thrown at me by my wife when I showed her my original bid on this handsome laptop...

How did you actually manage to kill it? At the office I have been told by the IT brown shirts that the only way I can get a new MacBook Pro (drool, drool, slaver, slaver) is if my iBook actually croaks. But each time I think I've killed it it comes back, just like that cat of song.
Just how did you do it?

[ It died quietly, like Rick James. -B. ]

Uhhh...I don't think that's a G4. Not that it matters, but Apple didn't make 600 mHz G4s, nor did they make G4 iBooks that weren't labeled as such. (Under the screen, it will either say "iBook" or "iBook G4". I have a G4 sitting right in front of me to vouch for this.)

[ D'oh. -B. ]

Your buyer might also be interested to buy some apple core I have to sell.

Wow. I am a PC user who is looking to move into Macs. This is the perfect product for me. All I need to do now is sell my right mouse button and my logical thought process and I'll be set!

"Think Differently"! The Grammar Cop in you would not allow you to repeat Apple's widespread misuse of the modifier.

I'll bet you shop at Toys R We, don't you? :-)

Gosh this post was funny! Thanks.

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